The Final Appeal to Mankin

pokcNLThe universe...the mystery of Life! How did life begin from non-living matter?

How did it happen that inorganic atoms, combining in various orders and quantities, created organic molecules, which then evolved into living matter?

The enigma of life... How did it all begin, how did it unfold and how did it bring forth such a multiplicity of living forms?

Where did man come from when he first appeared on planet Earth? Did he develop slowly according to the Darwinian theory of evolution? Was he thrust from the Garden of Eden in order to expiate his sins before God? Or if not God's doing, who brought man to this planet, when, and for what purpose? And how can we account for the rich diversity of all the races of man?

How did we come to possess the capacity to think? What happens to us when we die and what awaits us after death?

If there is a soul — what is it? Where does it go when we die? If heaven and hell exist, then where are they? Why do we not see them, as have those who experience clinical death and then return to life with reports of being welcomed by angels and drawn into a tunnel of light? What happens at the moment of conception and how does the human embryo develop?

What is reincarnation? Do we live one or many times on this planet? Is it possible for us to see into the past and future and to move through vast realms of time and space without a craft?

Are we alone in the universe?

The answer is obvious if we are willing to stretch the boundaries of our conventional thinking. Suppose that one hundred years ago extraterrestrials sent us a message in the form of radio signals requesting contact with intelligent beings on Earth. How could we have heard or responded? Without radio receivers and decoders to pick up or decipher such signals, we could not have had an inkling that we were being contacted.

Added to this, most other civilizations in space function on a vastly different developmental level, transmitting and receiving not through radio signals, but telepathically and holographically.

Thousands of signals continually bombard us from space in the form of three-dimensional holograms broadcasting the desire to establish contact with man on Earth. But most people are unable to understand or process this information. The few who can register and understand it translate it into common, everyday language, but sadly, despite their efforts, these messages fall on deaf ears. This is what happened earlier in this century, in 1929, when Nicolas Roerich delivered the Third Appeal from the Coalition of the civilizations—it was simply ignored.[1]

There are billions of civilizations in space.

Some are still at the early stages of their evolution, while others like our Earth civilization, have yet to emerge; there are also those who have already reached high levels in their development. This is a normal and natural process. Our own civilization will shortly have to undergo its birth into the cosmos. If we succeed, we shall reach a qualitatively new and advanced level of development. Using only the power of thought, man will be able to influence the planet’s ecology, modify the weather, abort natural disasters and heal the wounds inflicted upon nature by our senseless acts. We shall be capable of truly understanding ourselves and our abilities.

Time travel to the past and future and space travel over billions of light years will not seem, as some believe, “miraculous or delusional.” Rather, in times to come, if and when we are willing to accept the new knowledge required to elevate us to the next level of understanding of natural law, these things will be as commonplace as air travel is today.

If the human race refuses to adopt this new knowledge, Earth’s emerging civilization will remain stillborn, destroying itself before it fully develops. I know that for many this assertion will appear outrageous and will stir up angry protestations. They will say, “Our civilization has achieved such tremendous success everywhere! Man has walked in space, traveled to the moon, and soon will reach Mars, etc. Science, culture, and art are rapidly developing, especially in the last hundred years! Currently we have an information revolution!”

The Final Appeal to Mankind may strike some readers as harsh and absolute. But try to listen and understand before jumping to conclusions. As Jesus exhorts, “He that hath ears, let him listen.[2] It is an exercise in futility to offer food to a starving man if he refuses to eat: He will die of starvation no matter what you offer him. The new knowledge and the willingness to share it are available to the peoples of the Earth, but it will not save them if even at the brink of disaster they refuse to accept what is offered. If this should happen, regrettably our only recourse would be to patch up what can be salvaged and prolong the time left for Earthmen to come to a final decision before they die.

So you who are still asleep, wake up before that sleep becomes eternal! In Jesus’ day there was still time to postpone awakening; this is no longer the case. We have run out of time! The human race has reached a critical point in its history, a real, tangible “doomsday.” This is not some empty abstraction, another “end of the world” story that has been repeatedly foretold in the course of our history yet never came to pass. Most of us have stopped reacting to such warnings and have become confident that the end of the world will never come.

What is this doomsday, this crisis in human evolution? We may call it by many different names, but its significance is not in its label, but in what it really forebodes.

And we may well ask: What is the significance of mankind in the cosmological picture? As I will show, man has a most significant role to play in the development of civilization on a cosmic scale, but this role has remained hidden for thousands of years. Ignorance, lies and failure to grasp and understand the basic laws of nature have served to keep man’s true destiny hidden from himself. The laws of nature function whether or not man understands them, but from now on humanity will be unable to survive and progress without this understanding. Frankly, unless man does learn to live his life according to these fundamental laws of nature, there will be no one left to evolve on our majestic, blue planet Earth.

No nuclear war is required for man’s demise. If we continue to abuse and meddle with nature, without heeding her laws, we will self-destruct faster than a nuclear holocaust could dispatch us. We must be ever mindful of Christ’s warning: “When the blind lead the blind they shall both fall into a pit.”[3]

Only a century ago we were in no danger of extinction: now it is imminent and palpable. What is this sentence of death that hangs over our heads?

Over a period of billions of years, flashes of lightning in the Earth’s atmosphere gave rise to a layer of ozone that made life on Earth possible by deflecting lethal radiation from outer space away from our atmosphere. Sea water actively absorbed the radiation thus enabling primordial life forms to develop within it. These early sea creatures continued evolving in the water until Earth’s ozone layer was sufficient to deflect most of the radiation back into space. Only then did life migrate from the sea to solid land.

Beginning in 1961, the technology developed then and still in current use today destroyed 30% of the Earth’s ozone layer. According to calculations, if we continue the present pace of our technological activities, such as repeated rocket launchings into space, within the next ten to twenty years the remaining ozone layer will be totally destroyed.

Ironically, the means of its destruction will be the very advances we so proudly hail as the pinnacle of our scientific achievement. Every living creature on land will perish under the impact of lethal radiation from outer space: only underwater creatures will survive and everything will start all over again from the beginning...

Compounding the problem, man in his ignorance and contempt has seriously disrupted nature's balance, causing the extinction of thousands of living species and the outbreak of lethal epidemics such as AIDS.

How did this all come about?

At a certain crossroads on the path of his evolutionary journey, man took a wrong turn. As Socrates observed, “To know the world, you must first know yourself.” People took no notice of this advice, but tried to master knowledge of the universe without the necessary prior knowledge of themselves. And thus their descendants, following in their footsteps, arrived at the present impasse.

No knowledge can ever be absolute, but one path can lead towards the truth, while the other leads away from it, despite their sharing a common starting point. How can one tell which leads where?

When man first tried to grasp the nature of the universe, his mind could not fathom the profusion of questions flooding him all at once. He then filled the gaps in his knowledge with axioms and postulates that allowed him to construct a working model of the universe. Had he pursued the correct path of knowledge, this model of the universe would have led him to a new and higher level of understanding, rending aside the veil of mystery from the unknown. This, in turn, would have made for an ever-deepening and fuller grasp of the universe.

In other words, had man pursued the correct path of knowledge, his expanding awareness would have left fewer gaps in his understanding and less need for filling them in with theoretical constructs. By contrast, his pursuit of the erroneous path gave rise to more and more theoretical gaps, a state of affairs which should serve as a warning. Modern science has more gaps than ever before and understands even less now about the fundamentals of nature, as shown by the fact that increasing amounts of experimental data tend to contradict what we have accepted as the basic laws of biology and physics; modern science is frightened to find itself on the brink of an abyss.

In medieval times, religion was the persecutor of science. For many years man fought for science’s survival and finally triumphed. It would be a consummate tragedy if now modern science became the Grand Inquisitor of the New Knowledge — the new and deeper grasp of nature and natural law. This book, The Final Appeal to Mankind, is a beginning “alphabet” and “grammar” of the New Knowledge. It embodies answers to such questions as the nature and origin of the Earth; the structure and function of the seven planetary layers and why there are only seven; the riddle of biogenesis and the laws of evolution. You will come to know the origin of intelligence, the time of its emergence, and its essential characteristics; how mankind came to exist upon this planet; the great enigma of life and death, and what transpires after death.

You will also come to grasp the unity between microcosm and macrocosm, fathom the mystery of the black holes, the history and destiny of man, the nature of the universe and much, much more. The information offered here is neither mysticism nor science fiction; it is authentic, well-founded knowledge and it is up to you the reader to accept or reject it. Once again, let us remember the words of Christ: “Ask and it shall be given to you...Seek, and ye shall find...Knock, and it shall be opened unto you...For everyone that asketh, receiveth; and he that seeketh findeth; and to him that knocketh, it shall be opened.[4]

And I, as author of this book, can only hope that I will not turn out to be “but one small voice crying out in the wilderness.”

"The Final Appeal to Mankin"

Nicolai Levashov

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