Nicolai Levashov and his work

nlhwas seen through the eyes of an American doctor/trainee
by Barbara G. Koopman, M.D., Ph.D.
Fellow and former attending staff member, Mount Sinai Hospital, NYC

Did this man find the key for cracking the cosmic code and
unraveling nature’s most baffling secrets?

In response to the many queries I’ve fielded about Academician Nicolai Levashov (his official title), I’d like to share my near-decade of experience as his student, trainee, book editor, archiver of his peer-reviewed medical records, administrative assistant and author of several articles on his work which were aired in reputable alternative medical or scientific journals.

I will rely on first hand observations I have gleaned over the years.

What I personally witnessed surpassed anything I could have imagined or dreamed.

Who I am

By way of introduction, I’m an M.D., Ph.D., board-certified physician, a Columbia University Trustee Fellow, a Mount Sinai Hospital Fellow, and an alumna of the New York Mount Sinai attending staff. You can find me in the Directory of Medical Specialists and Who’s Who in America. (Next year you’ll find Nicolai in the latter also).

My Search

My interest in alternative medicine and energy healing started early. Gradually, through two careers — first in academia, then in traditional medicine — I sought a body of healing knowledge that depended not on faith or suggestion, but on a solidly grounded scientific empiricism and a higher ethical consciousness.

What I found was disappointing — mostly anecdotal, palliative measures, not supported by medical records of individual patients or long-range follow-ups. The scientific studies that made it into conventional medical literature were statistical analyses giving short-range results on groups of patients treated by a hodge-podge of different approaches and practitioners. One alternative medical journal subsequently published an article of mine about the flaws in such a protocol. (1)

My First Encounter with Nicolai

After a long search, I finally found Russian healer Nicolai Levashov, thanks to a medical colleague who had become a trainee. My first encounter with Nicolai took place in his San Francisco office on September, 1995 where I went to find out about becoming a student healer. I was greeted by a huge man, then in his mid 30’s, over six feet tall and exuding an energy field of incredible warmth and power.

He tested me by holding his hand over my outstretched palm without touching it. I immediately felt charged up, as if the whole room were vibrating. He told me I had potential and thus began our long and continuous work together, much of which unfolded, via distant healing, in New York City where I live and practice. Intermittently I came for in-person sessions and student seminars, on an average of 2 months out of the year.

The New York Seminars of December ‘95

Three months after that life-changing meeting with Nicolai, I found myself at home involved in organizing a three-day seminar on his work.

By day, small meetings were held in my condo overlooking the Hudson. Again, I had a kind of «UFO’s-have-landed» feeling when most of my electronic gadgets, from coffee-maker to hi-fi equipment got disabled. Happily they came back to life a week or two later, as Nicolai reassured me they would.

Seminars took place in the evening at various venues, attended by a large percentage of medical or scientific personnel, as well as «seekers on the path». Along with lectures about his approach, Nicolai enlisted an enthusiastic audience in live demonstrations of experiential «practicums».

With a simple test, Nicolai sorted out the attendees that were genetically endowed with the flexibility to be easily transformed, and placed them in front of the class. Then, with a few (non-touching) hand gestures, he proceeded to imbue them with certain capacities — which they had never had before — such as literally being able to see into the human body, three-dimensionally, as if it were made of glass.

For example, one of the subjects, Joe, a psychotherapist and close friend of mine, was asked by Nicolai to scan the chest of a classmate, Inga, who had a physical problem unknown to Joe.

Joe carefully scanned her chest but could not have imagined in advance what he would come up with. Instead of a static picture one would see in an anatomy book, he got a 3-D holographic image of a living, beating heart.

He could see, from any angle he chose, how Inga’s heart muscles contracted as they rhythmically pushed the blood, in and out through all four chambers. He then noticed a leak, which he reported as a «hole», interfering with the regular flow of blood coursing through this living heart.

This turned out to be a medically documented condition, an incompetent mitral valve, that Inga was able to confirm.

Nicolai then proceeded to gesture near Inga’s chest without touching her and again asked Joe to scan. This time he reported that the «hole» was no longer visible.

Nicolai commented that Joe’s ability to scan in this way was the kind of brain transformation he was able to perform on his students and that the change would be permanent.

Was this merely the power of suggestion or a real change?

The answer came when shortly thereafter I learned from Joe that he could still see through the body and had even spotted a breast cancer while sitting opposite one of his psychotherapy patients. A speedy visit to her doctor confirmed he was correct. Fortunately, the cancer was caught early, giving her the advantage of a much more favorable outcome.

Working with Nicolai: What is Nicolai Like?

As time went on and as the need arose, I was lucky enough to have a chance to take a more active role and began to function as a combination «girl Friday», correspondence secretary, public relations person and editor of his books. It was thus I came to have some inkling (though incomplete because of my own limitations) of who he is and what he does — his deep concern for mankind and his unswerving dedication to elevating planetary consciousness and human evolution.

Personality-wise, Nicolai — endowed though he is with great charisma — totally rejects and discourages the «guru» image. He has an ebullience and Russian warmth, coupled with a wit and humor that keeps him upbeat despite the huge and unrelenting burden of responsibility he carries.

In fleeting moments, I’ve had glimpses of his awesome courage and uncomplaining acceptance of what he has to go through.

As an incorrigible «information junkie» — and text editor of his several books — I enjoy the huge privilege of delving deeply into his work. As my poor brain struggles with the awesome unraveling of cosmic riddles, Nicolai patiently walks me through a new reality of ineffable beauty, called the «New Knowledge». My mind reels; my grey cells do push ups; I begin to grasp things like never before.

For him, it must be like teaching a Neanderthal to play the Stradivarius. For me, it is an epiphany.

How Nicolai differs from all other healers

What sets Nicolai apart?

Nicolai is a highly honored scientist, an advanced theoretical physicist, with wide [Media Exposure] in Europe from 1989 through 1991.

Since his arrival in the US in December, 1991, he has appeared on national TV including CNN, 1995 and CBS’s Unsolved Mysteries, 1999. He is the author of five ground-breaking books [Original Monographs] and the subject of [Published Articles] aired in mainstream alternative journals.

The Russian edition of his works sparked accolades from Russian mainstream science in the form of two academic titles of Academician, (only awarded to about 2% of Russian Ph.D.’s). One was from the United Nations, the other from a mainstream Russian Scientific Academy which also nominated him for a Nobel Prize in physics.

The New Knowledge: Challenging Einstein

It is no surprise that Nicolai is equally at home with such seemingly unrelated topics as modern medicine and Einstein’s Relativity Theory. Some years ago he created a unique system of theories stemming from his new model of the universe.

Classical physics tells us that Einstein built his theory about the universe on two major postulates:

(1) that the universe is «isotropic» or uniform, which means that the qualities and parameters of deep space are the same in all directions; and

(2) that the speed of light cannot exceed 180,000 miles per second. The Big Bang theory rests on these pillars.

Nicolai breaks sharply from this tradition. At the heart of his theory lies the notion of an anisotropic, i.e., a nonuniform universe, which means that in any direction of space the qualities and parameters of space are constantly changing. If this is the case, Einstein’s sacrosanct dictum about the speed of light cannot be correct and cannot support his model of the universe.

It is of interest that Nicolai’s physics degree happens to include a subspecialty in the propagation of electromagnetic radiation through space, a pertinent issue here.

Mounting evidence has arisen to back Nicolai’s view. In 1997, two astrophysicists, studying research data from the Hubble Telescope, found strong support for anisotropy of the universe.(2)

This was echoed in March 2003 by data from the Wilkinson Microwave Anisotropy Probe(3), dubbed by professional observers as «the best map yet of the Cosmic Microwave Background (CMB) Radiation».

Also, according to recent research, laser laboratories in the continental USA were able to transmit laser beams through various media, such as gas and plasma, at speeds 300 times greater than the strict limit of 180,000 miles per second set by Einstein.(4)

With the toppling of its two major pillars, isotropy and fixed light velocity, notes Nicolai, we see Einstein’s position joining the history of science’s failed attempts to understand reality.

Anisotropic space: the cradle of creation, according to Nicolai

The matter moving through space (dubbed «primary matter» by Nicolai) consists of countless «matter forms» each of which possesses its own distinctive quality and parameters. These are the basic building blocks of creation. Unlike other forms of matter, such as atoms, they are discrete, that is, unbreakable into smaller fragments or particles.

So what we see is a combination of «fixed», unchanging matter forms moving through constantly changing space. It is this opposing mixture of «fixed» and «changing» qualities that dictates the distribution of primary matter in space — and everything else that happens in the cosmos — including the creation of universes, planets, black holes and supernova explosions.

Creation occurs whenever there is a «match» between the qualities and parameters of space and the qualities and parameters of the primary matter passing through it. We may liken this to finding the right combination on a safety lock.

In this celestial interplay, notes Nicolai, both space and matter are governed by an inner logic — «quantization» — a term used in physics, which means that the rules of interaction between matter and space must follow certain strict patterns. These patterns are a kind of «code» that dictates the distribution and arrangement of matter in anisotropic space.

This results in the birth of countless universes — we are not alone! — and endless opportunities for nature to express its rich diversity. Also, as Nicolai has developed in several of his works, it can explain poorly understood phenomena like gravitation, electricity and magnetism, to name a few.

Clearly, the New Knowledge goes much farther than just the practice of healing. It is a beautifully-crafted meld of many sciences into one «unified theory of everything» — the «Holy Grail» so sought after by today’s physicists.

The Russians, who were the first to read his works in their own language, were also the first to grasp their significance. [For reviews by three of his mainstream fellow scientists, plus assessments by US professionals from various disciplines, click on [Recognition].

What Was I Getting Into?

As I studied and worked with Nicolai, I began to see the enormous scope of scientific fields he covers with authenticity and brilliance.

As a trainee, as well as text editor, I had to revisit my medical and pre-med training with a whole new way of looking at things. Specializing in one field tends to narrow one’s perspective and makes you lose sight of the bigger picture.

My night table became piled high with books and tapes on anatomy, physiology, pathology, histology, cellular biology, genetics, advanced theoretical physics, human engineering and environmental issues — in all of which his writings and seminars displayed an amazing mastery.

It appears that Nicolai has an extraordinary ability to access, absorb, analyze and retain information in exquisite detail on multiple dimensions of reality.

I also saw with my own eyes the dazzling array of accolades and honors spanning two continents in recognition of his work.

A typical example is excerpted from letters from two world-renowned American ophthalmologists who had enjoyed a four-day seminar with him in San Francisco:

«It seems a bit unusual for two internationally known ophthalmologists to be receiving new and unique information about vision from a scientist presumably outside the field. 
He opened up whole new vistas and horizons for us…beyond the present paradigms — a whole new way of understanding eye function and histology from the viewpoint of his theoretical physics. No one that we know of has come up with such a deep and comprehensive explanation».

My Introduction to the Healing Scene

As a classically trained, accredited physician, I was in a position to gather and evaluate the results of Nicolai’s work. Fortified with admission and discharge notes, clinical progress data, and, where applicable, CAT scans, MRI’s, biopsies, lab reports, etc., I could see for myself what was happening. And, of course, I met and interviewed many of the subjects in person.

Any physician reading what I read, seeing what I saw, would have had to be astounded at the results.

In general, physicians are constrained by the establishment from getting involved in alternative healing, although there has been interest shown in the U.S. government’s newly set up NCCAM (National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine).

Sadly, much of their focus is on «light weight» stuff that has mostly «feel good» value. However, it is a serious attempt to interface conventional and alternative healing.

As a medical doctor, I had close contact with the clients who permitted me access to their medical records and their healing sessions with Nicolai.

I began to realize that Nicolai was working at a level far deeper than anything I had encountered in medical school. There was no «channeling», no «spirit guides» — just the awesome power of his conscious intention honed to the highest degree of scientific precision.

Nicolai explained to me that the present understanding of medicine is largely based on non-living specimens (e.g., dissections, autopsies, biopsies, etc.). Live examination of living organisms is limited to various kinds of radiographic imaging (e.g., MRI’s, CAT scans, etc.). 
These techniques, while useful, only scratch the surface and miss a great deal of the underlying processes unfolding at the intracellular and molecular levels.

Nicolai can access in rich detail what unfolds at these deeper levels of living tissues and cells and actually reprogram their activity. He can also train his students to work in this way. Information gleaned from these levels is much more fine-tuned than current techniques and enables the healer to do many things beyond the reach of conventional medicine.

These include the re-sequencing of genetic codes, the destruction of diseased structures and their replacement by new healthy structures which he creates on the same, flawlessly cleaned-up destruction site. The lack of scarring and the cleanliness of the old trouble spot sometimes cause conventional doctors to deny there was ever any pathology present.

When confronted with positive medical proof, they remain tight-lipped, or, in rare instances, advise the patient, «Whatever it is you’re doing, keep on doing it».

With very few exception, I have never run into any of the well established M.D.'s who asked, «Do you know something we don’t know? Is it teachable?» Nevertheless, I continued to chronicle striking examples of the seemingly impossible. The validity of such results was based solely on before-and-after medical records from accredited institutions.

Working at this level requires qualities of consciousness that can be developed to varying degrees in qualified subjects. In the former Soviet Union, Nicolai successfully trained several hundred doctors and medical professionals in his techniques and is continuing to teach them in the United States today.

The honing of such abilities is very demanding. It takes much sacrifice and dedication on the part of aspiring healers, as well as on the part of their teacher. It is a long and difficult road.

Some First Hand Observations of Nicolai’s Healing Work: Startling Outcomes, Lasting Results, Medically Proven.

The following are some examples of the subjects I met and the diversity of problems addressed:

The Baby and the «Genie»

The following case concerns a «death sentence» tumor, glioblastoma multiforme that, in pure form, grants its victim at most up to one or two years of survival. It is perhaps the deadliest of all brain cancers recorded in medical history.

It attracted wide-spread public interest when I succeeded in getting it aired on CBS’s Unsolved Mysteries in 1999 and later in three reputable alternative medical journals in 2001 and 2002 (See published articles).

Conventional medicine is rightfully cautious about weeding out irresponsible claims or downright quackery. The tome of hospital records I submitted got a fine-comb scrutiny from a fair, but take-no-prisoners, board of medical specialists who could not fault the reports in any way.

Despite this, I took some extra precautions. I knew that if the cancer was a mixed tumor, the outcome might be somewhat more favorable, throwing doubt on the uniqueness of the result. To offset the possibility of lab error, I had the original biopsy’s frozen sections sent to a distinguished professor of pathology not connected with the treating hospital. I made no mention of Nicolai’s role, but simply asked him to determine if the tumor was a pure glio. His reply was a definite affirmative.

Case History. In 1993, three-month old Isabelle was diagnosed with a medical condition known as glioblastoma multiforme, a rapidly growing, lethal brain tumor, which, historically, in its pure form leaves no survivors past one or two years.

In August of that same year, she received a craniotomy, a procedure in which part of the tumor and surrounding brain tissue were removed.

Two more similar operations were performed in 1994 to relieve painful pressure from the non-stoppable, ever-growing tumor mass. Healthy brain tissue was also sacrificed because of the tentacle-like roots the tumor wraps around it.

A few months’ course of an experimental anticancer drug was also tried. None of these treatments helped. The tumor continued to grow and spread its tentacles, and the child’s health continued to decline.

Late in 1994, neurosurgeons told Isabelle’s parents that she was terminally ill and recommended radiation as a last resort, despite the fact that radiation has never cured the kind of cancer Isabelle had. Her parents, who were aware of this, did not wish to subject Isabelle to any more suffering so they refused further conventional treatment.

The family then sadly tried to deal with their impending loss by taking Isabelle to San Francisco for a final good bye to their grandmother. One of her small siblings wistfully remarked, «Mommy, what we need is a genie to save her».

In March of 1995, in San Francisco, the «genie» materialized in the form of Nicolai, to whom they had been referred by a grateful parent.

Nicolai worked with the child for 20 sessions, standing near her but never once actually touching her. His strategy, as he told her parents, was to isolate the tumor by cutting off its blood supply and then transforming it into a semifluid mass that could be drained from the body. Within two months Isabelle began to thrive.

In June 1995, a final craniotomy was performed to check some swelling and drainage from the right frontal lobe. When the surgical team once more opened Isabelle’s head (for the fourth time), they were amazed to find something never before seen in the history of this kind of tumor: the solid tumor was totally gone and in its place was «a cyst filled with fluid».

The neurosurgeon who had done all four operations on her exclaimed in his report about other surprises he found.

Three times before he had seen the classical finding of a large, non-encapsulated tumor mass infiltrating and spreading its roots into the patient’s healthy brain tissue. This time, not only was the tumor gone and replaced by a fluid-filled cyst, but inside the cyst were small islands of dead tumor cells with «…curiously a thick fibrotic wall around [them]». Yet this had been a tumor, known for its non-stoppable invasiveness and the fact that it never forms a capsule.

The surgeons had warned Isabelle’s parents that because of the missing brain tissue extracted during the first 3 surgeries, she would never function normally. But with Nicolai’s healings, her cognitive abilities continued to improve. And follow-up brain scans in 1996, 1997 and 2001 revealed no regrowth of the tumor.

Following the initial in-person sessions Isabelle continued to receive sporadic distant sessions, usually when she was asleep. Her mother reported that when Isabelle awoke, she would often comment that she had seen «Nicolai and his rainbow».

Today, twelve-year old Isabelle is a tall, attractive and highly intelligent young girl, who, incidentally, shows signs of being very psychic. The only symptoms remaining from her illness are a slight limp in her left leg and some decreased mobility in her left wrist. She attends a normal school and hopes to become a medical professional.

Isabelle’s case presents two striking results that medical science cannot explain. The first is that a lethal brain tumor was transformed into a harmless cyst. The second is that, after the almost total removal of her right frontal lobe, the child’s brain has regenerated, as indicated by the dramatic recovery of brain and neurological function.

An editorial comment highlighted in one of the published versions of this case reads as follows:

«What we think of today as miracle cures may simply be an aspect of reality that has yet to be explained by medical science».

A video from Nicolai Levashov's private archive (Confirmation of the fact of healing)


The Woman Who Didn’t Lose Her Eye

Carol was forty-seven years old when she developed a skin cancer (basal cell) close to the corner of her left eye. Normally not a life-threatening tumor, she underwent the usual surgical removal and was in remission for a while. However, for four years thereafter she suffered recurrences, each more severe than the last. The lesion finally became a large frightening bulge clearly visible to the naked eye.

The physician in charge of her case, in an appalling display of zero empathy, remarked to her: «The bad news is that we have to remove your eye. The good news is that you get to choose the color of the prosthesis».

This so jarred and frightened her that she cancelled the surgery and began to look for other options. Unfortunately, the relatively non-threatening skin cancer had invaded the eye and was burrowing into the brain — as usually happens when this tumor keeps recurring over the years despite all efforts to contain it.

By sheer serendipity, she met someone who referred her to Nicolai. He began work immediately to destroy the tumor and regenerate the damaged tissue. The work continued until 1995, at which time the eye and vision had totally returned to normal. Since then, over a span of ten years to the present, the patient has enjoyed a healthy and functioning eye.

It is of interest that the hospital originally involved could not come up with her complete records or photos until I personally hired a lawyer to get them released. This took almost a year.

The lawyer believed that they feared legal action, despite my assurances that the patient was fine and that I wanted the records only for research purposes.

I still talk to Carol once in a while. She remains well and thankful for the eye she almost lost.

Genetic Engineering (Example №1): The «Million Dollar Child»

In 1986, seven-month-old Will was diagnosed with a whole host of problems including chronic left kidney infection, badly malformed urinary drainage system, blockage and backup of urine, and overall failure to thrive. The doctors predicted a short life expectancy and a poor quality of life.

Over the years, from age 2-1/2 to 6-1/2, Will endured repeated but unsuccessful attempts to fix his drainage system and kidneys. He was toxic all the time from lack of adequate drainage. This blocked his development on all levels, especially his brain and nervous system.

By age 5, he was found to have severe neurological problems, relating to balance, vision and motor skills. His test scores ranged between 16-25% of normal for his age. He was often perceived as a slow, retarded young boy. Some observers actually thought he was «autistic». Both kidneys were now severely damaged and working poorly as a result of the meager drainage and the accumulation of toxins in his system.

At this point, his parents were referred to Nicolai by a friend whose deathly ill child had made a dramatic recovery thanks to his work. Nicolai identified Will’s problem as a genetic developmental defect of the urinary system and began daily healing sessions, at first in person, then in distant healing sessions by phone.

He first located the chromosome with the damaged gene which prevented the normal development of Will’s urinary system. He found that both kidneys were affected, especially the left.

After correcting the damaged gene, he had to repair and stimulate the normal development of the drainage system which otherwise would have grown naturally if the gene had not been damaged. He then regenerated, i.e., created and replaced the shrunken tissue of the left kidney with new healthy tissue.

Finally he had to address and repair the defects in the brain and central nervous system caused by the large accumulation of toxins that could not be cleared out until the kidneys were working properly.

By 1993, Will’s neurological test scores had risen to a range of 75-90% of normal as compared to an initial reading of 16-25%. He was then able to enroll and perform well in a regular school.

By May of 1995, ultrasound exam of the previously deformed left kidney showed l cm of healthy growth — most unusual according to his doctors, since in this type of problem the kidney is expected to shrink.

One of his specialists (Dr. Sandra Watkins, who has since become President of the American Society of Pediatric Nephrology) drew a graphic diagram to show his parents what usually happens in Will’s case and how dramatically different Will’s kidney looked. She also commented that the change was «not subtle» but «very striking».

The parents then alerted Dr. Lawrence Hickman, a highly reputable urologist, who had been following Will’s case from the beginning until his retirement. After listening to the family’s account of the healing and seeing the records, he exclaimed, «I am stunned! The proof is in the pudding though», he added, pointing to the specialist’s drawing.

He then looked across the room at Will and remarked to the mother, «You know you have a million dollar child there».

Currently Will, now a tall, healthy teenager, is functioning well in an advanced class for gifted children. He excels in math, science and music. He has gone from being a barely alive, pain-ridden child with a low life expectancy to an adolescent who now looks forward to living a long life and realizing his full potential.

Genetic Engineering (Example №2) A Boy Born Without Testicles

This was a case I was lucky enough to get in on at the ground floor and then watch it unfold, step by step. Never before in the history of medicine has anyone been able to grow a perfect organ on a body lacking the gene fragment to produce it.

Would a healer, even of Nicolai’s formidable talents, be able to grow testicles on a young boy from thousands of miles away without ever coming into physical contact with him? And to produce from absolutely nothing two full grown, perfectly functioning organs?

What transpired was so remarkable that — without the documents faxed to Nicolai at frequent intervals from the accredited facility monitoring him — it would have been hard to believe. However, I was in a position to follow the process from beginning to end.

Sasha, a Russian boy, was twelve years old when his family contacted Nicolai for help. They lived in Archangel, a modern Russian seaport with up-to-date medical facilities. The family was familiar with his work through the media and by word of mouth. By then, they had exhausted all available options.

Nicolai quickly determined that Sasha was born without testicles because of a faulty gene in a damaged chromosome — even though he otherwise tested genetically male.

As Nicolai reminded me — when a male child is conceived, the fertilized egg normally contains a chromosome fragment that instructs the proteins to prepare the ingredients for future testicles. These then gradually grow and develop in the embryo for nine months until they become the fully formed organs of the newborn baby.

In Sasha’s case, the chromosome piece containing the genetic code for this natural process was absent.

Early medical investigations began when Sasha was only a month old and continued sporadically through to his adolescence. At first, he was thought to have undescended testicles which, in time, nature or surgery would presumably correct. However, further tests and events showed otherwise.

While both males and females produce testosterone, the amount in females ranges from 3-5 ng/dl, while males produce 7-35 ng/dl, depending on their age. But Sasha even at age 13 was producing zero testosterone. This was proof positive that there were no testicles present in the abdominal wall, a fact that other diagnostic tests also supported.

Distant healing sessions were begun on a weekly basis, consisting of one phone session between Sasha and Nicolai and four sessions (without phone contact) performed at a prearranged time.

Four months after the work began, some interesting tests showed up indicating

(1) the presence of rudimentary abdominal masses, as yet undefined, and

(2) a testosterone level of 2.8 ng/dl, as opposed to the initial reading of 0.01. (By that time I was back in Manhattan and receiving duplicate faxes of all incoming data from Nicolai).

With mounting excitement I learned that six months later (ten months into the work) Sasha was producing a near normal testosterone level of 6.0 ng/dl. Other tests (axial tomography, ultrasounds, etc.) indicated the presence of immature ovoid structures in the abdomen.

By November of 2002, the testosterone level had risen to 20 ng/dl, placing him squarely within the normal adolescent range.

Visual imaging confirmed the presence of testes and the formation of channels in the abdominal wall for their descent. Sasha was now feeling the normal urges of adolescence and showing physical signs of sexual maturity.

Ultrasound showed his testicles had descended down to the opening of the scrotal sacs but still not entirely inside them. Surgery was then performed to get them into a perfectly normal position in the sacs.

The question of future fatherhood also arose. The sperm Sasha was now producing were viable, but somewhat slow moving, a problem quickly addressed and corrected by Nicolai. With this final step, Sasha had now become an anatomically normal male capable of producing offspring. Nicolai had given him his manhood and the chance for a normal family life.

It is important to stress that the problem of this adolescent boy, born without testes, was consistently followed and verified by medical professionals since his infancy, including throughout the work with Nicolai.

How did Nicolai do this? How did he grow — in a living organism — organs that had been absent from birth?

Nicolai’s Genetic Engineering as Compared to the Gene Therapy of Today

Classically defined, gene therapy is an experimental technique that involves inserting a gene into a patient’s cell. Genes carry the chemical instructions that determine the form and function of each cell.

Every single human cell has an estimated 20,000 to 30,000 genes «strung» onto its 46 chromosomes. And every human being has billions of such cells. Gene therapy is still in the early stages of development and the process carries a risky side effect of causing dangerous illnesses like leukemia.

This is because the technique involves using a virus as a «Trojan horse». The «Trojan horse» virus, which carries the «good gene», must sneak inside the sick cell so that its passenger (the «good gene») can affect the «bad gene». Unfortunately, the «Trojan horse», being a virus itself, can inflict serious damage on patients and upset their genetic code.(5)

As for Nicolai’s work, there is no gene therapy today that can create a whole organ whose genetic blueprint is not already present in the foetus. What Nicolai did first was to identify and correct the «bad gene» in all the billions of cells in Sasha’s body. He needs no «Trojan horse» to do this. Rather, it is more like clicking the «select all» button on your computer and programming the site to follow your command.

But having all the corrected genes in his cells would not have been enough to change an adolescent body. So Nicolai had to create a new piece of chromosome to replace the missing fragment. The code it contained could then create all the stages of growth the testes would have gone through naturally while Sasha was still in his mother’s womb.

But even with this accomplished, the testicles would have only been newborn in size, so of no functional use to Sasha. Therefore, the next step was growing them to a size matching Sasha’s adolescent body, as well as creating channels in the abdominal wall through which they could pass into the scrotal sacs. The channels also had to be made much longer than newborn size in order to fit his adolescent body.

All this Nicolai accomplished thousands of miles away, up to the stage where the perfectly formed testicles had descended to the upper end of the sacs. A minor surgical procedure to get them completely descended was the only thing left to the medical doctors. As noted above, Sasha’s sperm were viable but slow-moving; Nicolai seamlessly corrected them to normal in order to insure the ability to reproduce.

Sasha, now a virile and fertile male, is currently pursuing studies at a local university.

If we tried to compare the recombinant techniques and manipulations of modern geneticists to Nicolai’s engineering it would be like comparing a kite to a NASA space shuttle. As a medical doctor, I am thrilled to bear witness to this medicine of the future—and to the seemingly miraculous outcome so solidly grounded in science and peer-reviewed verification.

The New Knowledge and «Paranormal» Phenomena

Apart from the remarkable healings detailed above, can Nicolai’s New Knowledge be applied to other «unexplainable» phenomena, like telekinesis, «remote viewing», etc.?

In other words, could the same evolved consciousness used in Nicolai’s healing work also extend to many other unexplained happenings in the universe — the so-called «paranormal»? The answer is a resounding «yes», backed up by real-life examples.

One example involves Nicolai’s approach to solving problems in ecology and the environment. It consists of a videotaped interview between a San Francisco CNN TV executive and Irene Fanelli, President of the Environment Health Consultants, Inc., Marin County, CA, a highly respected expert on environmental pollutants.

Nicolai, who has frequently given media demonstrations of his expertise in paranormal phenomena, has an amazing ability to pinpoint with ease the location of any living or nonliving object by merely scanning aerial maps — including the detection and concentration (down to parts-per-million) of any pollutants in the environment.

The videotape depicts the following: Fanelli, after testing Nicolai’s ability, positively confirms the impeccable accuracy of his results in pinpointing the exact sites and gradation of pollutants in a given area of Marin County, using only xeroxed aerial maps of the region.

His accuracy was fine-tuned to parts-per-millions readings and to naming the various chemical and organic constituents down to the molecular level. (This is far more sophisticated than ordinary map-dowsing).

A subsequent test at Hamilton Air Force Base included «trick» switching of the size, scale and portion of the maps provided. Nicolai was able to navigate these mentally with ease, in any kind of terrain — from underground streams to mountainous peaks, through water and solid earth. In contrast to the often unclear and fuzzy results of scanners like the US Army’s remote viewers, Nicolai’s accuracy was extraordinary.

Nicolai’s paranormal skills were also aired on several telecasts in the US and Europe (CNN 1995, KTVU 1996, BBC l998), in which he discussed Russian psi warfare and its American counterpart, remote viewing. He also gave a demonstration of telekinesis, which not even television debunker, “the Amazing Randy,” could fault.

The Man Who Cracked the COSMIC CODE

How is advanced physicist-master healer-Academician-environmentalist Levashov able to move so skillfully and accurately through such a variety of different disciplines?

The answer is simple: he bases the New Knowledge on his understanding of cosmology, with which he can tie together a myriad of scientific fields into a single «unified theory of everything».

Cosmology is defined, simply, as «a theory of the nature and principles of the Universe, as man understands them». (For example, the Big Bang model is an example of a cosmological theory). Nicolai’s New Knowledge is the most comprehensive theory of cosmology we have today and is applicable to every scientific field in the world.

Nicolai has accomplished this by discovering how everything in nature has an underlying cosmic logic, for which he has done the math. Applying it is somewhat like matching up the correct combination on a safe or tuning into the right radio frequency.

This has given him the key to unraveling cosmic mysteries touching every aspect of creation and dissolution — including the birth and death of planets, so-called «dark matter», a never-before-demonstrated internal DNA architecture, intergalactic travel, the nature of consciousness, and the origin of life. (All of these topics are developed and expanded throughout the corpus of his work, listed under Original  Monographs). And it is also what enables him to perform the remarkable healing feats described above.

The history of science has shown that man’s mind clings to old paradigms and resists new ideas, either from rigid habits of thinking or greed. Despite this, Nicolai’s work is receiving increased recognition and backup from outside mainstream sources, as indicated on several links.

On a personal level, I have found it is easy to discard the sacred cows that no longer make sense to me. Bearing witness to marvels and harvesting the evidence that backs them is truly a priceless privilege — and a welcome chance to grow and change. Inevitably, the brave new world unfolding becomes more wondrous with every passing day.

* * *

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