Viewing Rules of Healing Session 2

Healing Session 2

You have an opportunity to download a Healing Session 2 absolutely free. It will help you to feel better and to improve your general state of health. It is highly recommended to start viewing Session 2 after tenfold viewing of Session 1.

Session 2 will give a positive effect in it's own right too. However, the influence of Session 2 will be less effective without a tenfold viewing of the Session 1.

Session 2 is not intended for the treatment of any particular disease. However, in many cases it will help you to eliminate many problems with your health. The power of Session 2 influence is intended for an average level of perception of a person. That is why people with high sensitivity can feel this power very strongly, and people with low one – slightly or not at all.

In case of dizziness or nausea it is necessary to stop viewing the Healing Session 2 immediately.

Those symptoms mean an overload of a physical body, and it is seriously recommended to stop viewing. Otherwise, a viewer can get into a condition close to coma. The viewer will be fully responsible for any consequences if he does not interrupt viewing Session 2 at first signs of dizziness or nausea.

It is recommended to view Session 2 ONCE a day only, even for those who will feel practically nothing. The physical body is exposed to the influence in any way whether a person feels it or not – it will become noticeable later. Therefore, it is recommended to view Session 2 no more than ONCE a day. Ignoring this recommendation, the viewer accepts full responsibility for any consequences may follow.

After downloading, only the first TEN viewings will be accompanied by the healing effect of Session 2. Then no healing will occur.

In many cases, a twenty-fold viewing of Healing Sessions 1 and 2 might be found insufficient to restore the balance of the physical body. That is why every one who wish can repeat Healing Sessions of 1 and 2 as many times as they consider necessary.

For that it is necessary to download Healing Sessions of 1 and 2 from my site every time again.

Warning. Healing Sessions exercise improving effect only during TEN viewings after downloading. Then, their viewing will not provide any healing effect. Your decision to download Healing Session 2 mean your fully accept terms mentioned above.

All responsibility for non-compliance with the requirements lays with the person who has downloaded Session 2 and who has been viewing Session 2.

If the viewer did not know about these terms, the responsibility for possible consequences lays on the person who has downloaded this Session from my site and has not warned the viewer about procedures necessary for obtaining the most effective healing.

I wish everyone who truly wants it to improve their health.
Yours faithfully, Nicolai Levashov



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