Some Call It Conspiracy Theory

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A Conspiracy Theorist Confesses

I am what the general population, politicians and the mainstream media (MSM) would call a conspiracy theorist. While I don’t agree with their definition of the term, there’s not much point in me denying it. It is applied to me, and millions like me, whether we like it or not.

Some Call It Conspiracy Theory

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There are certain assumptions that are applied to anyone labelled a “conspiracy theorist”—and all of them are fallacies. Indeed, the term “conspiracy theory” is nothing more than a propaganda construct designed to silence debate and censor opinion on a range of subjects. Most particularly, it is used as a pejorative to marginalise and discredit whoever challenges the pronouncements and edicts of the State and of the Establishment—that is, the public and private entities that control the State and that profit from the State.

Those of us who have legitimate criticisms of government and its institutions and representatives, who are therefore labelled “conspiracy theorists,” face a dilemma. We can embrace the term and attempt to redefine it or we can reject it outright. Either way, it is evident that the people who weaponise the “conspiracy theory” label will continue to use it as long as it serves their propaganda purposes.

Professor Werner Kirstein: Man-made climate change is a scam orchestrated by politicians

iika0Experienced geographer-climatologist, Prof. Werner Kirstein speaks in plain language. In an interview on December 1, 2022, he points out that climate change has existed and has always existed, completely independent of people and CO2. Allegedly man-made global warming is a scam orchestrated by politicians. Politicians commissioned studies to deceive the public. Fear of a climate catastrophe is created in such a way that people become submissive and do what is asked of them.

Near-death experiences: 30 years of research

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Eben Alexander was your typical neurosurgeon. A firm believer of scientific reductionism, he thought that all thoughts originate from the brain. But this changed in 2008 when he encountered a case of near-death experience (NDE).

As much as it was the complete opposite of his previous views, he couldn’t dismiss or avoid the case—it was none other than his own experience, and he had to face it and search for an explanation.

Near-death experiences: 30 years of research

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In the past 50 years or so, a phenomenon termed near-death experiences (NDE) started to gain people’s attention. People who were pronounced dead, or who came close to death, speak of experiences such as leaving their bodies, going to other realms, or meeting deceased people, giving rise to the idea that the mind is independent of the brain.

Previously in this series, we explored different aspects of near-death experiences. After over 30 years of research, the discoveries unanimously point to the concept that NDEs are real experiences and something beyond the current understanding of science. So, what do NDEs reveal to us? What can we learn from them?

Near-death experiences: 30 years of research

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Are NDEs hallucinations? How do you approve or disapprove of near-death experiences (NDEs) that are entirely from the spiritual realm?

While NDEs claim to have left their bodies, gone to heaven, seen dead people as well as celestial beings, and so on, some scientists still insist that these experiences are hallucinations, that they are the result of critical biological states like the lack of oxygen in the brain. However, there is another group of scientists who, after 30 years of research, have evidence to support NDEs reports.

Near-death experiences: 30 years of research

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 It was 1993, Kathleen Elmore, she was driving through an intersection and a truck was coming at her car from the left side. “This is not good,” she thought.

“Dying doesn't hurt,” said Elmore, as he recounted his experience at the International Association for Near-Death Studies (IANDS) at the 2011 conference.

All that huge, huge impact felt like someone just tapped me on the shoulder, and I went straight up.”

Near-death experiences: 30 years of research

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Grandma has just been resurrected. She wakes up and tells a bizarre story of leaving her body and going to heaven. Had she developed psychosis? Has her brain been damaged from lack of oxygen?

After more than 30 years of research, scientists have concluded that this is not the case. Instead, they think that this phenomenon is something that today's science has yet to understand, and that it is an opportunity for science to advance.

The phenomenon was called near-death experiences (NDEs) in the 1975 book "Life After Life" by Raymond Moody, MD and PhD in philosophy and psychology. Generally, NDEs include cognitive, affective, paranormal, and transcendental experiences.

Climate Instability Worldwide: Does the US Military “Own the Weather”? “Weaponizing the Weather” as an Instrument of Modern Warfare

nkvm1The UN’s climate change summit (COP27) has opened in Egypt. (November 6, 2022).

More than 120 world leaders attended last year’s COP27 summit in the Red Sea resort of Sharm el-Sheikh, amidst a stylized propaganda campaign: “Our Planet is “Sending a Distress Signal”.

Environmental modification techniques which are the object of this article have been carefully excluded from the debate on climate change.

While Environmental modification (ENMOD) techniques have been available to the US military for more than half a century, there is no concrete evidence that these techniques have been used to trigger extreme weather conditions.

The real target of the war between Russia and Ukraine is you

ncweYou are the real target of the Russian-Ukrainian conflict. Over the past 12 months, the intensity of the attack on the average Westerner and global citizen has increased. We are subject to skyrocketing inflation, spiraling fuel prices, food shortages and power outages. When the cost-of-living rises, the standard of living falls. This is all no coincidence. You are experiencing a coordinated attack on the basic necessities of life - food, fuel, energy - designed to put you in survival mode and make you more dependent on the government. With dependency comes control. Why is all this happening? Who does it? How are they doing? writes Makia Freeman.


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